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Exodus 10:1-13:16 - HAFTORAH: Jeremiah 46:13-46:28

(An edited transcript of a radio program on the Weekly Torah Portion -  A Commentary by Rabbi Avraham Feld.)


You are listening to another presentation of the weekly Torah Bible reading, presented to you by KOL HATOR (KHT) – the Vision for peaceful Reconciliation between the two greatly divided Houses of Judah (the Jews) and Ephraim (also referred to as Yosef, and in the Kol HaTor Vision, referred to as 10-Israel, representing all Ten Lost Tribes of ancient Israel).

The Last decade has seen the most amazing fulfillment of Prophecy taking shape, namely the re-identifying of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Ancient Jewish interpretation expected this identification to be recognized by the Return of these 10 Tribes (lost through exile from the Land since 2800 yrs ago) to Torah observation and eventually, their Return to the Land of Israel and their re-uniting with Judah (the Jews) into one Reunited 12-Tribed Kingdom of the G-d of Creation

Parashat Boh is derived from the opening words of the Parashah in Exodus 10:1 (‘Go!’)

To have the most benefit from this Bible study, it is important for you to first read and meditate on this section of Scripture yourself, beforehand.  Jewish tradition spreads these weekly Torah Readings  over the entire week, concluding it on Shabbat, when the new portion is also started. You therefore have all week to enrich your life with the wonderful lessons of life, transpiring from these Weekly Torah Readings and commentaries.

To accomplish peaceful reconciliation between the two Houses of Israel, the KHT Vision stresses the need for understanding between both factions, of the great differences which have historically caused this rift or family feud. One of these differences is about the Messiah which the House of 10-Israel has accepted for themselves – but who has been rejected by the House of Judah since his appearance in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. This rift has been widened through the persistent efforts of 10-Israel, historically often by the sword, to force Jews to accept their Messiah. The KHT Vision promotes understanding by either side of the convictions of the other in a spirit of forbearance and non-proselytizing or evangelizing. Associates of KHT who sincerely practice this, have proven that peaceful and brotherly relations are attainable – and it is in this spirit only, that there can be any hope in eventual reconciliation being attained – and Peace secured in the House and Kingdom of the G-d of Israel.

In his commentary on this Parashat today, Rabbi Avraham Feld from Jerusalem, who is the founder of the KHT Vision, will touch on this issue and present the views of Judah in this regard. KHT urges listeners from re-awakening 10-Israel, to consider Judah’s position with great respect and concern for the sake of Peace in the House of G-d. Simultaneously, KHT urges those from the House of Judah, to forebear with their Returning brothers on this matter, respecting the fact that it really is these 10-Tribers’ discovery of the Jewishness of him whom they regard as their Messiah, and his own confirmation and instructions of Halachic Judaism, which has led them back to Torah observance and a desire to live in the Land of Israel.

Only in this way can Reconciliation as so clearly promised by the Prophets of Israel, and as reconfirmed by the greatest of Jewish Sages, take place. And here, in particular, we wish to refer to the Gaon of Vilnah, after who’s Vision the KHT Project is named. You can read all about this on this Web Site

We now call Rabbi Avraham Feld to the microphone to share his enlightening comments with us:


Audio - by Rabbi Avraham Feld:

I have been thinking of the great importance of the reconciliation of 10-Israel and studying the academic dimension of 10-Israel and it's relevance to today. It just reminded me of our Irving Berlin song, 1927. I guess, I am dating myself! What are we going to sing on the day when we finally get our act together and reconciliate? And how will we look back on our past? I was just thinking, "I was blue just as blue as could be? Every day was a cloudy day for me. Then good luck came knocking at my door, skies were grey but they are not any more. Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see. Blue birds singing in a song, nothing but blue birds all day long. Never saw the sun shining so bright.  Never saw things going so right. Noticing the days hurrying by. When you are in love my ally fly.  Blue days, all of them gone. Nothing but blue skies from now on!" 


And that's what it is going to be when we all get together! You should study all the material on the Kol HaTor Web Site, and as we wake up,  we help Judah wake up and we help 10-Israel to wake up!

And we have just woken up to the book of Exodus.

Shemot Chapter 10. Wow! We are getting out of Egypt! This is amazing!  We are getting out of Egypt. You guys all know what Egypt is. It  means "mitzraim," the constriction. It's stuck there!  When we are getting out of Egypt, it is getting out of our closures, getting out of our hang ups, getting out of our personal and national prisons. And every day and every day, we are getting better and better. A Jew and a 10-Israelite must always look at themselves as getting out of Egypt every day. Breaking our bondage, our spiritual and socio-economic and psychological bondage. And break our personal Egypts - go forth!  HaShem said to Moses, “Come to Pharaoh, for I have made his heart and the heart of his servants stubborn, so I can put these signs of mine in his midst." You know, it says in the Bible here, that Pharaoh hardened his heart five times and then  five times it says that G-d hardened his heart. So it's like measure for measure!

Pharaoh could have possibly got on board, he could have possibly straightened out, he could have possibly led his people to the recognition of G-d not in the hard way. But he chose the hard way. So G-d made it a little harder for him, just so there would be freedom of choice.  Because in the face of such miracles, he would have capitulated. So now in order that he would have true freedom of choice to choose right or wrong, G-d hardened his heart in contradistinction to open miracles, so that he would have to have true choice and have to have true repentance to get on board the good ship - the ship of Moses.

Aaron and Moses came and they pronounced another one of the plagues that were going to hit them. Pharaoh’s servants said to him:  "How long will this be a snare for us.  Send out the men that they may serve their G-d.  Do you yet know that Egypt is lost?"  Moses and Aaron returned to Pharaoh and he said to them, ‘Go and serve HaShem, your G-d. Which ones are going?’  So Moses said, ‘our youngsters and, our elders, they will go with our sons and our daughters, with our flocks and our cattle.  We go, because it is a festival unto HaShem for us.’

Pharaoh would have agreed for the Hebrews (Judah with 10-Israel, 12 tribes). He would have agreed for them to go out if they left their cattle, and if they left their sheep, and most important, if they left their children!  This is very important.  This is the same thing that happens in the modern State of Israel. The secular, anti-religious, anti-Bible leadership said: "OK, you Jews coming from your Oriental countries, with your Bible in your hands, you can keep your Bible, but we are taking your kids. Leave your children with us. Leave your children with us, and your cattle and your sheep. Your economic survival depends on us! You can go serve your gods any time your want,  but the kids stay with us. We want their minds and their souls."

HaShem said to Moses: "Stretch out your hand a little over the land of Egypt, and the locusts will come out",  Right?  But before that, ....?   "Let the men go now, serve HaShem, for that is what you seek.  And he drove them out of Pharaoh's presence."  That little line, he said, "No, you can't take your little ones with you. You that are men, you can go serve your G-d" - that policy of Pharaoh, as the Hertz Bible explains, has more than once been imitated by Israel's oppressors.  After the expulsion from Spain, 80,000 Jews or so, took refuge in Portugal. They were led by Arbarbanel, a great Sage,  relying on the promise of the king.  Spanish priests lashed the Portuguese into fury and the king was persuaded to issue an edict which threw even that of Isabella into the shade. What did he do? All the adult Jews were banished from Portugal; but the first of all,  their children below the age of fourteen were taken from them to be educated as Catholics.  Then, indeed, the serene fortitude with which the exiled people had borne so many and such grievous calamities, gave way, and was replaced by the wildest despair, weeping and crying. And in our own day, what did the Soviet rulers do? ... they extend considerable religious freedom to the adults, but religious instruction to children, however, was rigorously suppressed.

Today, what does secular society say to 10-Israel?  You want to do your crazy thing?  Do what you want to do, but when you send your kids to school, they are coming to our schools, to our institutions, whether they are Christians or secular-humanists, and we will straighten  them out! Ten-Israel has to imitate Moses when he was leading 12-Israel, that we don’t surrender our kids, and we don't surrender the cattle, the flock either.  Our socio-economic livelihood? - we seek independence from the authorities around us. And we don't turn our children over to them - for educating them, for schooling, for misinformation.  It’s an important message for 10-Israel, not to surrender their education and their children - not to the authorities, whoever they might be.  Judah has fallen in this many times.

When wonderful Sephardic oriental Jews got to Israel, they thought everything was great - they were home!  But they didn’t realize, that the education was in the hands of Bible haters - not Bible lovers!  And people deny any divinity of the Bible. It's just a nice story book. A cultural tool, nothing different than food that you might eat that has a cultural significance. And certainly, there is nothing in the Bible that should inhibit them from embracing fully the secular, heathenistic lifestyle which they are sponsoring. They just thought that they could trust the educational system, they could trust the Pharaohs of Israel as opposed to the Pharaohs of Egypt.  And generations of children were lost to the proper exposure to the Bible.

In the US there is a great push, especially now with the new president, to try to depreciate and delegitimize home schooling.  Just like Pharaoh,  'you men go off and do your thing,  but give us the kids.'  They realize that the future is in the children. History repeats itself.

Now moving up to Exodus 10:3, “Moses came to Pharaoh and said to him, 'So said HaShem, G-d of the Hebrews: Until when will you refuse to be humbled before Me? Send out My people that they may serve Me!'” So we understand, to be humbled before me, as the Stone Edition of the Artscroll series of the Bible, the Chumash,  explains,  "to be humbled before me" - the key to repentance and righteousness, is being submissive - and specifically before G-d.  Because Pharaoh was haughty, he could not see the truth and would not be willing to recognize the truth and he would not bow to the Divine Will.  He paid the price for his arrogance by having his country devastated and his army drowned in the Sea of Reeds. But that arrogance that we all have (and we all have to deal with it), is a major stumbling block for seeing things that are crystal clear to someone who is of a humble and contrite spirit.

The first plague of this week’s reading, that of locusts, introduces a new element. G-d tells Moses in verse 2 that He intends to make a mockery of Egypt, putting to rest the haughty presumptuousness of Pharaoh and his cohorts, so that not only Egypt, but even the Children of Israel would know that “I am HaShem”. The inclusion of the Hebrews in this category implies that even believing people are often imperfect in their faith. That Pharaoh had resisted the evidence of the divine origin of the plagues was not surprising, but it seems that even the faith of the Hebrew people, of the nation of Israel, strong though it may have been, was still not perfect. In fact, it was not until the splitting of the sea that the Torah testifies of Israel, that they had faith in HaShem and in Moses, His servant. From chapter 14:31.

I have mentioned this many, many times in speaking to people, that G-d did not expect people to completely believe in Him or His servant until His incredible, amazing Technicolor fireworks of Egypt, of open miracles! Then he expected us to believe. So why, in later history, should our Christian friends and neighbors or our 10-Israel brothers expect Jews to accept their version of a Messiah with only a three-year ministry?  How could you expect when some fellow tells another fellow that this is what he believes to be true, that that person should accept it?  And if he doesn't accept it, he is damned to hell!  It doesn't make any sense!  To think that someone hears your version of history, a three year ministry, that's it!  Even if it really happened right? That you can have the big historical debate on. So what! Why should I accept your faith?  It is you that had this vision,  this experience, you had this moment.  Why should we accept it?  You want to start explaining to me Scriptures?  Well, your explanations are lacking in translations, lacking in context, they are lacking in historical context, they are lacking in grammatical correctness.  They have ulterior motives to them, why should we accept this?

G-d did not expect the nation of Israel to accept Himself or Moses, and He didn't testify to their faith until after the splitting of the sea - after a whole year of open, supernatural miracles by Moses who totally embraced the giants of the nation, and the elders.  He embraced them and they embraced him! Someone who was absolutely recognized as the undisputed, national spokesperson with His brother Aaron, from an illustrious family. So, it is not like a couple of dozen people met him and got turned on by him.  The entire nation of Israel recognized Moses and Aaron. And there were some people who were not happy with it, but they didn't say that they were not our spokesmen to Pharaoh. There were some people that were afraid that He was just going to get us all killed in the dessert. And it might cause us more suffering.  But in the long run ... he is our spokesman. He was the undisputed accepted spokesman with the authority of all the giants of the generation.  And G-d did supernatural miracles, that blow a persons mind, things that were never repeated in history. And only then does the Bible say about Israel,  that "they had faith in HaShem and in Moses, His servant."  So, how then could people come and say, that if someone doesn't believe in something that happened over a three year period, and there was no internet and there was no television and there were hundreds of messianic groups all saying miraculous stories about their respective leaders, using the same names for their respective leaders, like Menachem, which means comforter, and like Yahoshua, different constructs of the word Yeshua, which means 'save', 'will save', 'have saved', 'am saving' .... why should anyone expect the Jews to accept that?  It doesn't fit the Biblical paradigm. That you could accept is, that's OK!  But you shouldn't think that G-d wanted His ancient people to accept it. That He could use this Messianic movement as part of somehow being involved in the process of  Messiah the son of Joseph,  to reach out to lost Israel and bring them back.

You know, when I first read the book of Revelations, when I was a kid, I thought it was written by someone who was on LSD. Like from Woodstock or something. After I read it several times, I said: "No! No!"  There are lots of cool things here, there are lots of interesting things here! And then I read it more, and I said: "Wow! The Book of Revelations is the story of the Ten Tribes coming back to join Judah. It's the story of reuniting G-d’s Kingdom, meaning 12-Israel, getting together." It shouldn’t be interpreted as a document to reach out and get modern-day Judah to get into any kind of form of belief in the Nazarene. That's not what it was really written for. So, likewise the entire Bible has a way of doing things for thousands of years. It's not possible that for three years that entire process was reversed. It's not logical and it doesn't make sense.

So what does it mean?  It means that people have misinterpreted those Jewish groups that existed right before the destruction of the second Temple, that none were believing that all of Judah was going to turn around and be something different from what they were before (as promotors of this 'new' Messianic faith propose), or believe in something that has no supernatural basis for doing it, and that didn't line up with what they already have been studying, and learning and dying, and living for, for thousands of years before.  It's important!  It should make people be a little more humble in their way of presenting themselves to Judah. Judah was never lost, OK? Period. And it doesn’t need to be 'saved', because it wasn't lost - they need to repent! That's for sure!

In Exodus 10:27 Pharaoh’s final intransience. G-d strengthened the king’s heart once again and he became more defiant than ever.  For the first time, he ejected Moses and threatened him with death if he dared appear again.  Moses agreed, for there would be no need for him to seek out Pharaoh again, after the next plague would come. Just the opposite, it would bring Pharaoh himself groveling and begging the Jews ... rather the Hebrews (12-Israel) .....  remember 2800 years we didn't know about 10-Israel, right?  10-Israel was not in our lives! So when Jews read the Bible, they say 'Jews',  'Jews',  'Jews' ....  But if you remember, in context it was Hebrews, it was 12-Israel, not Judah.  But since we haven't seen 10-Israel for 2800 years, so when we are talking to each other, we are talking to 'Jews', to 'Judah'.  Got it?  It's not because they don't believe in 10-Israel, 10-Israel has been out of sinc for 2800 years.  So Jewish books and commentaries have to make a few editing corrections to bring it back to "10-Israel", as more and more Jews become aware that 10-Israel is alive and well and looking to reconcile.
So Pharaoh would come groveling and begging the Hebrews to leave Egypt at soon as possible.

There is something very interesting in the ninth plague of darkness that most people are not familiar with, which I think I should share with you.  Like the third and the sixth plagues, this was the end of a set of three. It was not preceded by a warning. The darkness during the day was darker than that of a normal night, and at night it became even more intense. There is a reason for this. One of the reasons is that there were among the Jews (Hebrews) people who did not deserve to be freed, because they were so assimilated in the Egyptian culture that there was no hope for them to return to the covenant of Israel, and who were to die. So what happened?  HaShem provided the darkness so that the Egyptians would not see their death and claim that the plagues affected the Hebrews and Egyptians alike. The darkness provided an opportunity also for the Jews to circulate in the Egyptian homes to determine the locations of valuables that they would later ask to borrow.  Later, when the Egyptians realized that the Jews had been in their homes and had the opportunity to loot at will, but had not done so, Israel earned esteem in the eyes of the Egyptians, and it sanctified G-d’s Name.

In view of the extent of the suffering already inflicted upon Egypt and the indisputable divine origin of the plagues, Pharaoh’s audacity seems incredible. It is a stark illustration of the sages’ teaching that the wicked do not repent even when they stand on the threshold of hell. As we mentioned before, G-d’s intervention in strengthening Pharaoh’s heart was merely to keep him from being overwhelmed by the pain, thus allowing him to make any whatever decision he deemed rational. Now, as the plagues approached their climax, the evil of his nature surged to the surface with the brazen rejection of Moses.

Moving onwards, as we are running out of time,  Exodus 11:4 Moses tells Pharaoh  “At about midnight”. Do you know why he said that?  I'll tell you why. Because if, according to Egypt's time pieces, and Egypt's elite council of Pharaoh advisors, if the plagues came a few minutes before midnight, or a few minutes after midnight, they would say: "See, Moses was wrong!"  They would retroactively have loose face in whatever faith they had gained in Moses thus far. So the Torah said "about midnight" to avoid people being able to say: "Look, it didn't come yet ... two minutes to midnight, see it's all bluff." Or it came after that time.  I think we should use this to learn for 10-Israel and for Judah, we have a lot of people in our ranks who like to predict all different things that will happen here at the end of times. Whatever you predict and whatever you say, and whatever your conclusions and calculations, you should say,  "about." ... "at about midnight." Because if you say something exactly and you are not right, you may just make a desecration of G-d’s Name by accident. And Moses was able to say, “approximately”, so certainly, we who are far from Moses’ clarity, we should be talking about "approximations" of what's happening in these end time, and not be so bold and arrogant and exacting on the end time scenarios.

We have in this week’s Parashat, the command for a calendar!  That's right! “This month shall be to you the beginning of the months, it shall be for you the first of the months of the year.”  Judaism ... Torah, the Bible gives us the idea of the Sanctity of Time. Back in the book of Genesis, it stipulated the Sabbath.  Now, in this week’s Sidrah, we find a second instance of the sanctity of time, with a very significant added dimension.  We are to set up a calendar, one based on the monthly cycle of the moon as well as the season's cycle of the sun. It is with this commandment that G-d takes us as partners with Him in the act of sanctifying time. In fact, He has made us, the Hebrew Nation, and after the exile of 10-Israel and Judah as represented by the Sanhedrin, by our Great Courts, the senior members of the partnership. His job was creating the heavenly bodies and the laws of nature which they follow. Certainly no small task!

When it comes to sanctifying that particular day each month, which we have gotten to know as the beginning of the month, “the head of the month” ... He put us in charge! True! He showed Moses a fiery image of the first visibility of the lunar crescent and said, "kizeh," when you see it like this, sanctify the day. "Kizeh, ve-ra'e Kidesh". When you see it like this, sanctify the day. We are the ones who do the sanctification and all of the thing you need, all the maths, science and astronomy that you need was not written out here in front of us. That all relies upon the Oral Torah. Was Moses a physicist? Was he an astronomer? How did he know what to do with these verses here? How did Aaron know what to do with it.  How did the Elders ... because they all relied on extra textual information that is needed ...  It's not written here ...  the exact thing you need to make this calendar.  That's all in the Oral Torah.  G-d, so to speak,  has committed Himself to accept our act of sanctification, even if there is some kind of error. That’s how much He wants us to be involved in the process. It is not just the new month that is sanctified ... or the Passover and the Festival of receiving the Torah, of Weeks, which should be counted to the 50th day after the first day of Passover.  We sanctify the new moon of Nissan and the beginning of the regular year, and the Day of Atonement and the Festival of Booths, Tabernacles, Succoth,  G-d wants our active involvement in the determination of the new moon, not merely to use astronomical calculations, but the less efficient but more involved eye-witness testimony.

But when we are without a Great Court, we have no choice but to rely upon the less personal mathematical calculations. We have discussed this at a different times now. These calculations are exactly correct according to the most advanced science of our modern world. He says to you, meaning not some guy from the mid-west, or some fellow from England, but to Moses and Aaron and the Elders, "... you are the ones in charge of the months."  On a deeper level, going back to the Stone Bible, Artscroll, " ... the new moon symbolizes renewal, the ability of the Hebrew Nation to rise from the oblivion and to restore itself to its past greatness. Just as the moon disappears at the end of each month, but returns and grows to fullness, so Israel may suffer exile and decline, but it always renews itself – until the coming of Messiah, when the promise of the Exodus and the Revelation at Sinai will be fulfilled, never to be dimmed again. The essential characteristic of the Hebrew Nation, of the Hebrew history was first exhibited in Egypt, when, in the simile of the Sages, the nation had fallen to the forty-ninth level of impurity – one level above spiritual extermination – only to renew itself so breathtakingly, that after seven weeks it was able to stand at Mount Sinai and experience prophecy. This concept of Hebrew renewal was what the Syrian-Greeks attempted to eradicate by ending the observance of the calendar, of recording the New Moon. Instead the Nation rose up in defense of the Torah and the Temple, and the calendar, and circumcision and the Sabbath and their triumph is commemorated through our holiday of Chanukah, the festival of renewal."

We have pressure of time here, ... now moving to chapter 12 about making an offering, a Passover offering.  Well that offering that we were asked to make, the Lamb, was a god of the Egyptians.  This celebration could bring certain death to the Jews (Judah), and to all the rest of the 12 Tribes.   The whole nation could have been destroyed at that time, by the Egyptian military reprisal, ordering a lamb or a kid to be slaughtered for every household.  It had to be done publicly and they had to barbeque the thing! And they had to keep it inside the house for a few days and made all the Egyptians inquire: "What's going on?"  So the entire Egyptian community knew what 12-Israel was up to and they could have attacked us, but G-d expected us to be willing to die, to fight and to risk our lives for Him and for His Promise! And that's what we did.

This is a very important message to 10-Israel today. Judah has been dying and suffering in the process to create the modern State of Israel with all its frailties and with all it's faults. The same kind of requirements will be made of 10-Israel who will have to be willing to take a chance on getting attacked and having all kinds of reprisals made against them for wanting to make this offering to G-d.  Their own Passover offering.  It's going to be one of the requirements, somehow.  Somewhere it is going to pen out ... ultimately, just like the Hebrew nation was asked to offer the sacrifice, the Passover offering. And the problem was doing it with a four day interval. There was a four day interval from the time we took it, till we offered it. Everyone knew what was going on, we wouldn't be able to do it in secret.  Then we had to eat it publicly. And as a festive meal we had to cook it outside, and everyone would smell it.  Some of my friends in 10-Israel sometimes think that you cold just get by, by keeping it quiet.   I really support being quiet about things, and doing things when you have to do it, quietly, and subtly, but there is going to be a time when you are going to have to make that big sacrifice and to be willing to be attacked. And be willing to suffer reprisals for your participation with the nation of Israel and its redemption. And that's what we learn from that Passover offering.

There is a lot more that we could say.

One second before we go to the Haftorah. On the plague of the First Born. It was a terrible plague and it struck even the first-born of both men and women. The commandment on the sanctification of the first-born, applies only to the firstborn sons of women. So we explain that this is to symbolize that G-d’s love for Israel is as great as a mother’s love for her baby, a love that far surpasses that of a father. That G-d’s unquestionable and irrevocable identification with Israel is as conclusive as that of a mother with her new-born infant. 

Just a beautiful thing that I wanted you to know about.

The message of Exodus is not only basic to our belief in our existence, but it must be reiterated constantly; that’s why we wear on our person, in the form of tefillin, when we perform the Commandments. We are zealous in the performance of all Commandments, the seemingly minor as well as the obviously major ones. Because they all reinforce our faith and commitment. And to proclaim and strengthen our conviction that it is so, we gather in synagogues and pray aloud, saying before Him “We are your creatures”. The open miracles of the Exodus seal into our awareness that G-d rules His universe and that the only difference between nature and miracles is that we are accustomed to the former and startled at the latter.

Here in Jeremiah 46, the Sidrah (the weekly portion) which has described the complete subjugation of Egypt, is complemented by a prophecy of another defeat of Egypt.  One that was to take place some eight centuries later.  Egypt was competing with Babylon for world domination but it would be swept away by the powerful forces of the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar – whom the prophet calls derisively Nebuchadnezzar, because of his eventual persecution and destruction of Israel. With various similes, the prophet describes Egypt’s hopelessness against Babylon, after making clear that the reason for Babylon’s domination is because HaShem will buffet Egypt,  Nebuchadnezzar, because of his eventual persecution and destruction of Israel. With various similes the prophet describes Egypt's hopelessness against Babylon, after making clear that the reasons for Babylon's domination is because G-d will buffet Egypt. Rendering that haughty nation helpless against the conqueror from the north.

The Haftorah ends with G-d’s assurance that Jacob need not fear. His enemies will be destroyed.  But though Jacob will be punished for his past transgressions, it will be done in a measured way. Jacob will never be destroyed and he need not fear. When all his enemies are destroyed, Jacob will survive, stronger than ever. But there is one condition: ”be not afraid, My servant Jacob!” Israel is called G-d’s servant many times in Scripture. Israel's destiny is dependent on service of G-d. If the Jewish people are G-d’s servants, they can feel secure that they will emerge triumphant from the travails of history. Thus according to the Stone Bible Artscroll Series.

All Israel has to do this  ... 10-Israel also ... remember if you work hard to be G-d’s servant, you will not be disappointed, you will not fail. You will not be lost. You will eventually come on Home. G-d will worry about you. He will care about you and bring you Home. The same thing goes for Judah. The prophet is clear, he is not asking the impossible. He is just asking that we be good to each other. We love each other and really ... we're all really loveable.  If you look into each fellow, and each girl, you see how loveable we are. And He is asking that you just have a little gratitude and appreciate who He is and what He has done for us. And with a bit of gratitude and a bit of niceness to each other, we will have accomplished what is needed and the redemption can be easier and not harder. It could be sweeter and not bitter. It could be fast and speedy and not drawn out and terrible.


We just like to bless all again. We bless you with all the blessings of the Bible, all the blessing of the Torah. Keep a stiff upper lip, don’t give up! There is no despair at all and you are on the winning side!

Don't fear! You servants of Jacob, you 10Israel, Judah, don't fear! 

Rabbi Avraham Feld

Founder, KolHaTor Vision


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Our Mandate - Ezekiel 37:15-28

" The word of HaShem came to me: "Son of man, take a stick of wood and write on it, 'Belonging to Judah and the Israelites associated with him.' Then take another stick of wood, and write on it, 'Ephraim's stick, belonging to Joseph and all the house of Israel associated with him.' Join them together into one stick so that they will become one in your hand.

"When your countrymen ask you, 'Won't you tell us what you mean by this?' say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign HaShem says: 'I am going to take the stick of Joseph - which is in Ephraim's hand - and of the Israelite tribes associated with him, and join it to Judah's stick, making them a single stick of wood, and they will become one in My Hand.' Hold before their eyes the sticks you have written on and say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign HaShem says: 'I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel. There will be one king over all of them and they will never again be two nations or be divided into two kingdoms. They will no longer defile themselves with their idols and vile images or with any of their offenses, for I will save them from all their sinful backsliding, and I will cleanse them. They will be My People, and I will be their G-d. My servant David will be king over them, and they will all have one Shepherd. They will follow My Laws and be careful to keep My Decrees. They will live in the land I gave to My servant Jacob, the land where your fathers lived. They and their children and their children's children will live there forever, and David My servant will be their prince forever. I will make a covenant of peace with them; it will be an everlasting covenant. I will establish them and increase their numbers, and I will put My Sanctuary among them forever. My dwelling place will be with them; I will be their G-d, and they will be My People. Then the nations will know that I, HaShem, make Israel holy, when My Sanctuary is among them forever.' "

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