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  1. Abagail
    November 24, 2017 @ 9:01 pm

    Dear Rabbi,

    Toda Robah/Thank you so much for this study on Rachel and Yaakov, For I am a woman suffering anguishing distress, unjust suffer and deep pain from oppression and persecution……not understood and often misjudged…..HASHEM Knows. In spite of my circumstances and my experiences so unjustly imposed upon me, with my life I trust and Hope in THE L-RD; Always seeking G-Dly Sage-wise-wisdom to live by and comfort from the ADONAI, to live HIS way.

    This article is something I so Needed. It has nothing to do with being barren but how I am treated in the midst of what all I am going through, by people who are suppose to be G-Dly and family, who do not understand the injustice of my unjust circumstances imposed by an abuser from my past, persecuting me for my faith…..no one understands but I know ADONAI will be my defense, in time and HIS justice will prevail.

    This article is most inspirational, because I know that our G-D never changes in how HE responds to circumstance, for HE Is Good and Just, all the time. Thank you for the inspiration.

    With Much Love, Respect & Prayers Always,

    Achuti Abagail

    Ani Shaalu Shalom Yerushalyiem Yisrael, Home of My Heart!
    Ani Ahavah ADONAI & All MishpoHa in HIM!


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